Kitchen Scrap Veggie Stock 

I’ve been making homemade veggie stock for months now. I’ve always felt bad using carrots, celery, lentils and herbs just to flavor stock. Sometimes I would save the cooked veggies and make a lentil or veggie soup, other times I would reluctantly throw it away.

Jennifer (James’ sister) came down Easter weekend. We got her two plant-based cookbooks for her birthday. The cookbooks look amazing, but I don’t have any personal experience.  But if you’re  interested and can handle vulgar language, you should check them out.  As she flipped through these books, she showed me a kitchen scrap stock recipe. I started a jar that day and haven’t looked back.  I’ve made it twice since then and it’s literally the best of both worlds. I get to recycle my kitchen scraps AND make deliciously flavored stock.

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Easy Vegan Gravy

If you’re anything like me, mashed potatoes and gravy are a comfort food. They’re also essential for holidays like Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Mashed potatoes alone doesn’t really do the trick, they NEED gravy.  Something about that warm, creamy gravy combined with the potato is delicious.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it.  I tried a few gravy recipes before I finally got it right.  Some recipes were just way too complicated, others didn’t quite taste right.  No one has time to spend 30 minutes making gravy for it to not even taste like gravy, am I right?

Rather than try disappointing gravy recipes like I did, stick with the tried and true recipe.  I have made this recipe several times and it tastes delicious every single time. It only takes maybe 10 minutes to make and I promise, you won’t regret it.

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3 Ingredient Strawberry Jam

It’s getting to be summer which means: strawberry season! Yay! A couple weeks ago I got slightly carried away and bought a big basket of strawberries. I got it home and immediately thought to myself,”what am I going to do with all of these strawberries?” Enter: strawberry jam. I had been wanting to make it for a while and finally had the strawberries to do it. It is so delicious and extremely easy. Not to mention only has three ingredients compared to the store bought jams and jellies.  I’ve been putting it on everything from toast to pancakes and eating it right out of the jar.

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Carrot Pesto

I’ve been going to the farmer’s market every Saturday religiously for a few months now.  Not only do I get delicious, fresh, local produce, but I also have a great farmer who gives me new recipes to try every week.  He’s the one who told me to start putting the beet greens in my smoothie. (Which is delicious by the way!)

Then, a couple of weeks ago he told me I could use the carrot greens to make pesto…say what?!
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